FurtaCor VIP & Friends Group

We are opening our group to our designer friends for the purpose of creating a large news group. Our group already has 5k members, all of which are FurtaCor customers.
If you would like to publish and be part of our group it is simple, just follow some rules, informed below:

♥ Only stores that have at least 25 products in the marketplace and / or inworld will be accepted.

♥ Your store must comply with Secondlife's TOS. We will not accept stores that sell copybots and violate copyrights.

♥ Respect group members, be cordial.

♥ Please place our join group in a visible place, next to the gift group, which must be renewed every 6 months.

♥ The designer is allowed to publish up to 2 news per day.

If you are in accordance with the rules, please fill in the application below with your details and send inworld to Nando Borelli (misterfernando)

Store Name:

Owner Name:

Manager Store:

Name of the avatar that will send the news in the group:

Store inworld (Landmark):


Are you already part of the group? (  ) yes (  ) no
(please join the group- - FurtaCor V.I.P (secondlife:///app/group/e32a4724-4a8e-a69a-fa1d-eb188607dfb5/about)

Grupo Join is in store? (  ) yes (  ) no

(please put the join group in a visible place) - Get it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FurtaCor-VIP-FriendsGroup-Join/20165411

Is the group gift in the store? (  ) yes (  ) no

(please place the Gift Group in a visible place and configure it for the FurtaCor V.I.P group (secondlife: /// app / group / e32a4724-4a8e-a69a-fa1d-eb188607dfb5 / about)

Attach your gift vendor here >>

Thank you very much and welcome to our group ♥

Any question?

Send to misterfernando (Nando Borelli) - Group manager.

Marinahh Mayako
FurtaCor - Owner


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Manager Store - Fernando Borelli (misterferenando)

Manager Blogger - Danica Fox D"Avila (danicamermaid)

FurtaCor for Second Life

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